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Norwich to Marrakech
All routes seem to be ending up in Marrakech these days. Who’s complaining?
Ceuta – Marrakech
CTC’s route library already contains some excellent information about cycle touring around Marrakech and the High and Anti Atlas ranges. Now here’s a route to get you down to the fabulous city of Marrakech from Ceuta, one of the Spanish enclaves situated on the African side of the Straits of Gibraltar. Ferries run here daily from Algeceiras in Spain.
Marrakech cannot be recommended too highly as a destination for several reasons. Firstly, if you want to sample life of a ‘third world’ nature, then Morocco is both an ideal and convenient location. Try a visit here before your month-long bike ride in India! Secondly, as a stepping-off point for some cycle touring in the High Atlas and beyond, Marrakech Airport is ideal. It’s an easy airport to get into and out of and, although you’ll encounter the inevitable traffic initially, it’s very easy and quick to head off into the sunset without having to cope with any big city cycling: the road to the mountains starts at the airport, so to speak. Thirdly, if you do have the courage to cope with some inner city cycling, then Marrakech is a fantastic city to explore. Once you’ve arrived at your accommodation, lock the bike away and head for the old town, if you’re not already accommodated within its walls. It’s a place (and an experience) not to be missed for anything!
Morocco image

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