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Pompey to Pompeii 

“This is a gruelling 1500 mile fast paced journey, starting on September 10th  from Portsmouth (Pompey), across Europe to the finish line in Pompeii, southern Italy, three weeks later. Taking in four countries and many of the stages ridden on previous Tour d’France, and Giro d’Italia races, this tour pitches amateurs against some of Europe’s toughest cycling roads. ” The team are riding this for The Association for Glycogen Storage Disease (UK). http://www.pompey2pompeii.org.uk/


David Piper’s Travelogue

David Piper's MoroccoThis recent discovery   describes some great trips which he hopes will eventually build up to a complete circumnavigation of the world. http://www.tra-velo-gue.co.uk/home.htm  Under the tab ‘David’, he writes about his inspiration and usefully provides links to a number of other world travellers’ websites. Another interesting thing here is his list of famous historic routes which should help provide inspiration to others searching out some interesting routes to follow. (http://www.tra-velo-gue.co.uk/david_linklist.htm)

This is definitely up there with the quirkier ones! 

My reasons for cycling around the world are myriad: the immense physical and mental challenge; the opportunity to sensitively explore alien cultures and places; the achievement and the risk; and much indefinable and ineffable else besides. Press me further and I’ll start regurgitating platitudes about living once, boldness and y’know, like, breaking away from convention, man. And no-one wants that. Fuse the philosophy, challenge, exploration and ambition together and the really real reason I really want to really do this is because I. Really. Want. To. Do. This. For the experience. (Man).   http://www.marktrobridge.com/

Cycle trekking through South America in search of freedom, adventure, and a sustainable way of living….  Good luck, Ric Brown of Christchurch, NZ. (You guys from down there deserve a bit of good luck.) I suspect this blog could be very interesting but will you find places to write it up? Hope you’ve read ‘The Hungry Cyclist’ because Tom travelled that way.  I recall it didn’t take him long to realise that boats were a better option, but maybe he got there at the wrong time of year.  rubberandchains.blogspot.com


Cycle Every US State  http://giveabike.blogspot.com/  What a great idea! Good photos and very readable text. If you’re interested in the USA and the folks who live there, this makes an interesting read.   (With thanks to ACA –   www.adventurecycling.org  – for the info from their excellent Bike Bits newsletter. )

Cycling the European Capitals  http://unicycle50.blogspot.com/ Steve Primrose-Smith would seem to be a fanatical Open University student. He’s going to cycle to all the capital cities of Europe in the next three years whilst at the same time studying for various university degrees. Good for you, Steve! I hope you manage to put all that knowledge to good use.

South Africa to the Netherlands http://www.shanecycles.com/ will take you to Shane’s excellent website containing many things including his current trip which will head up the west coast of Africa. Maybe he’ll meet Peter Gostelow coming down!

Trans-America  http://3415milesonabike.blogspot.com/

UK to OZ ~ the Ride to the Ashes bike adventure by Oli Broom  http://cyclingtotheashes.wordpress.com/

Round the world trip: USA, New Zealand, SE Asia, Eastern Europe  http://www.erck.org/route/

Berlin ~ Prague ~ Krakow  http://bernardsarahwm.wordpress.com/

 Cycle Italy 2010  http://sites.google.com/site/jerseybikers/

The Cycle Diaries / World Adventure Biking  http://www.thecyclediaries.com/

London to Sydney  http://londontosydneybybike.wordpress.com/

West Africa by Peter Gostelow  http://www.thebigafricacycle.com/

Central America  http://whileoutriding.wordpress.com/  Cass, this is wonderful.

Malin Head to Mizen Head  The Irish End to End: http://dafyddend2end.wordpress.com/posts/  Thanks, Dafydd.

If you’re planning to do this trip, CTC has a route sheet: http://www.ctc-maps.org.uk/routes/route/1524 or http://www.ctc-maps.org.uk/routes/route/1523 depending on which way you want to ride it.


Paris to Venice   http://lexpress-charitycycleride.blogspot.com/   Thanks, Tracey.

Caen to Domacyny (southern Poland)   http://johnspilgrimagetopoland.blogspot.com/  Thanks, John.

Peru, Chile & Argentina   http://blogs.boldcreative.co.uk/alegria/ Hi Mark, Nice blog, some great pics, look forward to watching it come on. If you’re after a bit of content my wife and I are currently on a cycle tour honeymoon of Peru, Chile and Argentina. Feel free to link to our blog: http://blogs.boldcreative.co.uk/alegria/  

Also, contrary to some people’s experiences of bikes on planes, we got two bikes from London to Lima via Miami with no problems at all on BA. The friendly check in guy at terminal 5 even waived the excess baggage fee when he found out it was our honeymoon!  We’ve also chucked them on a few buses over here with no problems so far (touch wood). Best, Greg

Thanks, Greg. Brilliant photos! Definitely worth a look.



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  6. Now that s progress. I am looking at doing a trip just like one of those mentioned in the blogs mentioned, for the sake of the “ZeroCarbonTourism”. Probably going to need ot prepare myself with a bit more training and perhaps wait till it gets warmer…
    keep the cycle going 😉

    05/12/2010 at 12:19 pm

  7. Thanks, Shane, I’ll look forward to it. Safe journey! Mark

    12/04/2011 at 11:02 am

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