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CYCLE COTE D’AZURCycle Cote d'Azur Holidays

The south of France has it all, including plenty of glitz and glamour if that’s what you like. There’s nothing quite like wandering along the quayside in St Tropez or Antibes admiring the multi-million pound yachts and floating gin palaces and wondering what sort of bike(s) you’d own if you could afford boats like these. Of course, despite what some would have you believe, the hardware isn’t what it’s all about – the cycling is; and just inland from those famous places on the coast is a peaceful, undiscovered and quite beautiful land of cycling heaven. Discover it all with two local experts, Emma and Claire, who run a small cycling holiday outfit called Cycle Côte d’Azur. Based in Nice – so really easy to get to – they’ll show you the best places and also put you through your paces, if that’s what you want. www.cyclecotedazur.com  claire@cyclecotedazur.com  emma@cyclecotedazur.com



When visiting a new country, it doesn’t get much better than being led by a local resident. This is exactly what happens on Russian CTC Cycle Tours.  Registration is now open for all 2011 tours and there is a discount of €100 for members of CTC. This is the schedule:

1. Golden Ring of Russia Adventure  ~  July 3 – 14
2. Moscow – St. Petersburg  ~  July 17 – 27
3. Golden Ring of Russia comfort  ~  August 7 – 18
Full details on www.rctc.ru/tour.html


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