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Cycling the Mississippi

Here are some reports of a 500 mile bike ride down the Mississippi River from its source to Dubuque, Iowa. It’s nice folksy tale which you should pass on to anyone who thinks that undertaking something of this magnitude is just for the tougher types among us.

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If every reader of this blog were to persuade a cycling, but non-touring friend to do a ride along a river, from source to mouth, we might get a lot more people cycletouring. River suggestions: River Test (Whitchurch – Southampton), River Severn (Newtown tRiver Severno Chepstow) , River Trent (Biddulph to Humber Estuary), the River Thames etc – the choices are endless.


Cycle Tours in the US of A

Whether it’s a tour organised for you or one you organise yourself, the States is definitely a place to tour before you die and there’s no time like the present to plan it.

Adventure Cycling tours imageAdventure Cycling has just announced their 2012 tours.  From three month ‘trans-am’ trips to week-long family tours, there’s something here for everyone, so it’s definitely worth a look. If the dates of the tour are a significant factor (and they usually are), then click on the ‘Compare All Tours’ tab so you don’t have to click on each tour individually to find out the dates.

It’s only another five or six weeks before CTC’s own programme of Tours is announced and hopefully it isn’t going to land me in too much trouble if I tell you in advance that there are a couple of big tours heading over the Pond next year. Remember, there’s no CTC Holidays & Tours brochure this year, so you’ll need to look at the website for full information < http://www.cyclingholidays.org/tours/index.php >. You can also look out for brief descriptions of all next year’s tours in the December / January issue of Cycle, where there will be three pages given over to these.

Cass Gilbert ~ girlIf it’s simple inspiration you’re after, there’s plenty of it around and you can do no better than take a peek at Cass Gilbert’s superlative photo blog. Here’s a link to his current trip through Colorado. When you get to the bottom of the blog, you’ll find links to loads of other destinations. I would urge you to check out the Utah page and see the photos of the White Rim Trail, something that’s very definitely on my hit list sometime quite soon. More on Utah in a later blog. One cheeky question Cass: what’s the secret to somehow always managing to get some pretty girl to come on your trips?

U.S. ~ Cycle Touring : the Best Bits

Take a look at Esther and Warren’s round-the-world blog: http://estherwarren.wordpress.com/  aka The Sportswool Diaries. Their plan is just to cycle the best bits. Nice idea and hope they achieve it. Are they going to take a train through the bad bits? Warren comments:

The USA in particular gets rather overlooked when it comes to touring. Wisconsin – where we are on The Great Lakes Route is wonderful – it would make an excellent introduction to touring here – already the Autumn colours are starting to show – amazing!

USA Cycling Photo