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The Loaded Touring Bike Website is Reborn

Ron Wheeler created and now runs one of the most successful cycle touring websites, possibly because it’s based on a very simple idea. Here’s part of Ron’s story about The Loaded Touring Bike site:

As a long time bicycle tourer and photographer, I had an early vision of such a site, though little knowledge in how to make it happen.  I had no doubts that it would be big, but surprisingly no one I’d talked to gave it much of a chance.  In the end, I taught myself how to create a webpage and with 7 images I had the first pages created.  To shorten this story; the website took off,  going worldwide in short order by word-of-mouth.  Very quickly hit counts drove the site to the number 1 result for Touring Bikes on Google.com in any language.  Over 10 million hits in just a few years.

Send a message to CycleTouringINF if you succeed in getting your trusty steed added to Ron’s site. The shot below simply isn’t good enough (but I like it anyway). You could even send your loaded bike photos to me too, but include yourself in it – we’re not going into competition. Sort of like the shots you find here, but some background scenery would be an added bonus.

The Bike Friday in the White Peak of Derbyshire