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Free Camping in France!

That word ‘free’ usually succeeds in grabbing the attention. Precious little is free these days but plonking your tent down where it’s not going to upset anyone, and enjoying a peaceful night at no cost,Wild Camping is one of life’s great pleasures. Cicerone’s guide, Lightweight Camping, has been blogged here before, but here are a few succinct words from the author, together with some useful links at the bottom.   http://www.freewheelingfrance.com/cycle-camping/wild-camping-in-france.html


Camping in People’s Gardens

Terra Nova Laser Light tentHere’s a new idea and quite a good one in principal. Click on http://campinmygarden.com/ to find out about a new scheme for having people camp in your garden (for a small charge – or quite a large one in one case). It seems to be very interconnected with attending events of a sporting or social nature, so maybe there’s some deal been done with an event website. It would seem to be relatively early days and it would be a good thing if all the people offering space would put a photo of what’s they’re offering up on the site. Nevertheless, it’s different and could be the answer to cheap camping in unusual, or even very convenient, places.