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BCQ Checkpoints Digitally Mapped

Member Arthur Moody has kindly done a digital mapping job on all the BCQ checkpoints. Contact mark.waters@ctc.org.uk for gpx, kml or mmo versions. (That’s normal, Google Earth and MemoryMap.)


Reasons for doing BCQ; no 1347

“My family and work colleagues already look at me with that sympathetic ‘you’re out of your tree’ look… I am a slow BCQ’r. I have managed 41 so far. Started at the tail end of 2009. Squeeze them in alongside all the other riding I do. Its a great way to see the UK and I have already discovered loads of treasures that I have taken my wife back to, e.g. country parks, 5 rise locks to name two. It’s also a great way to get my sons off the couch as they have ridden with me to two or three. Another good point is that it adds variety to the options available when choosing where to stay in the UK on a ‘staycation’. “

Thanks to member Paul H for that. If you’re wondering what British Cycle Quest is all about, find out all about it here. http://www.ctc.org.uk/DesktopDefault.aspx?TabID=3870 

British Cycle Quest in France? Surely not.

Well, of course not, but French Cycle Quest – yes there certainly is. In fact there are two competitions you can do there. Each ‘departement’ (county) contains six checkpoints (surprise surprise – just like ours) and you have to bike to one of them in each departement in the Brevet Cyclotourist National (BCN) competition or all six of them in the Brevet Provinces de France (BPF). The great thing about the BCN / BPF is the checkpoints. Rather than answer a question, you just pop into a cafe or boulangerie and ask the proprietor to stamp your card. The French have a rubber stamp mentality clearly, because everywhere are rubber stamps, otherwise known as ‘tampons’ in France. So roll into a bar and say, Avez vous un tampon? and instead of being looked at in a strange way (like you might in the UK) you’ll probably receive a smile and a ‘Oui, m’sieur’ and off you go. Full details of the BCN / BPF may be downloaded off the BCQ web page. http://www.ctc.org.uk/DesktopDefault.aspx?TabID=3890  It’s right at the bottom


New Edition of the BCQ Questions Book

A new, late March 2011, edition has just been published. Find it at www.ctc.org.uk/britishcyclequest  There’s also an updated Leader Board on the same page.


In the unlikely event….

that there might be people out there who just don’t get BCQ, here are a couple of messages received today:

“Just read the story about Packwood House in the Cycle magazine by Phil Webber. Was there about three weeks ago and the evidence is still there. They may have been confused by the number of different sun dials on different walls.  BCQ is brilliant.”

“I’ve been holding back on letting you know how I’m doing with the BCQ.  For me it’s a 20 year project and I’ll send all the certificates once I’ve done the lot.  But I think I deserve a place in the rankings.  Being the anorak that I am, I’ve kept details of progress on a spreadsheet, attached, which shows I am up to 147.  Hope this is enough to get me on the list!”

Thanks DV and PH for these! It’s good that there’s mention of BCQ in the new issue of Cycle. It means that we might get a few more people than usual interested in getting started on it.

BCQ checkpoint

 A happy BCQer from some time ago.








Full Grid References Added

Thanks to CTC Forum member ‘Porky’, there are now FULL grid references available to all BCQ question locations, which should help those without OS Landranger or Explorer maps of the relevant area. Using these you can obtain a (more or less precise) location on a map for each question using a number of different internet mapping sites. Find the list at the end of the BCQ Questions Book http://www.ctc.org.uk/resources/Touring_Other/BCQ_QUESTIONS_BOOK.pdf


2 responses

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  2. Damian Hill

    The British cycle quest is amazing. Its the best thing i’ve ever done. Obviously a bit of a roller coaster, but it certainly gets you to lots of places that you would never even think of going to…. (or ever want to go again, silent curses to a few question setters, but its all part of the BCQ)
    View points and interesting historic stuff were the best (Although I couldn’t believe that Iron Bridge and Coalbrookdale had been missed, but you can’t go everywhere.) And climbs of death on your heavily laden bicycle usually gave you a sense of satisfaction once you were at the top.
    I often stop at places now and think “that could have been on the BCQ ” maybe it should be 12 questions for some counties (LOL) like Devon etc…. So much to see, so much History.
    Its definately worth starting, sounds better on the Palmares than a Jogle, Lejog or Cape Wrath Fellowship….. its a shame no one seems to have heard of it.

    03/11/2010 at 7:25 pm

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