A journal of new information received at CTC

About These Pages

Welcome to this new site whose purpose is to pass on new cycling information sent in by CTC members, as well as by me, the site manager. I’m Mark and I’m pretty new to doing this kind of thing, so bear with me on this.
The main object of this site is so that I can tell you about stuff almost as soon as I find out about it myself.

Comments are welcome at any time. Contributions to the site are too, but these for the time being should be sent to the normal CTC email address, cycling@ctc.org.uk  Please put < REF Touring Blog > in the ‘subject’ line.

Anything new posted will normally be announced on the CycleTouringINF Twitter page, so keep an eye on that and you’ll know when new stuff has been posted.  http://twitter.com/CycleTouringINF