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Wise Cycling Wisdom and Advice from a Hobbit (perhaps)

Germany imageMark, I just wanted to update you on how MyBikeGuide is progressing after you were kind enough to mention us in your blog some 6 months ago. The key principles of the site remain to identify

  1. Flat (ish) self-guided European touring routes which ensure that the whole family (or those with weaker knees) can holiday together
  2. Routes which are close to railway stations, again to ensure that non-riding participants can stay in touch
  3. All the information needed to source services directly from the supplier (the most cost effective method), hence plenty of links to bike hire shops, local tourist information sites (with their hotel/campsite links), good maps and travel guides
  4. Enough information on food and drink (with translation) to ensure that after a day’s riding, an excellent meal can be obtained which will make a fine end to a great day’s riding
  5.  How to get to and from the ride location (including information on the use of the CTC giant plastic bag)

The site continues to expand and now covers a selection of suggested rides spanning the breadth of western Europe. We have even identified and ridden a nice little circular route that takes in Cambridge and Ipswich with access at Stansed, aimed at visitors coming into the UK.

As the nights close in we will be developing more routes covering the River Elbe in Germany , a route across Switzerland, a tour in Portugal and a lovely ride on the Murg plateau in Puglia, southern Italy and possibly a tour of Eastern Hungary ending in the world heritage wine town of Tokaj.

Good riding



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