A journal of new information received at CTC

The New Edition of Cycle Magazine

Cycle Mag Cover OctNov11The October / November issue of Cycle will have just / or is just about to hit your doormat. At National Office we always look forward to its arrival. It is, after all, the one means of communication we have with ALL (full) members of the club. We know that a lot of people read it from cover to cover but, nevertheless, it’s still easy enough to miss things.

As usual there’s lots to read and, as usual, it’s intended that there’s something in it to interest everyone, whatever their particular specialization, although I note that there’s nothing of particular interest for utility riders or campaigners in this issue.

I was pleased that I clicked on the advert on page 30 for the Bike Ride Shop (http://www.bikerideshop.co.uk/), an organisation I’d not heard of before. Focusing on cycle touring and Sustrans routes, how could one not like this site and I was pleased to find they had a blog (http://bikerideblog.blog.com/) where I found a good link (http://www.steephill.tv/). I’m sure there’s more to be found. Now to persuade them to link me into them….Bike Ride Shop


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