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National Cycle Rallies

This is a bit of a long winded way of contacting you but having enjoyed the Semaine Federale earlier this month I’m wondering if you know of  a website or similar listing European events for 2012.  Clearly we have the S-F at Niort, but there’s also an event in Northern Spain in July.  Are there others?

Hi, JimBirthday Rides 2011 image

Good question!

I’ve just returned from the CTC’s own Birthday Rides, which are a smaller version of the Sem Fed, and very good they were too.

The one in Spain next year is the Semaine Europeene de Cyclotourisme.  and has been adopted by the AIT (Alliance Internationale de Tourisme) so it’s now called by both names. (There’s been an AIT rally for many years but it petered out a few years back when they changed their constitution and became less cycle friendly, resulting in CTC and others leaving the organization. However it now seems to be back and partnered with the Sem Euro.)

There is one in Italy but I know nothing about it, ditto Sweden, ditto Germany and I daresay there are similar events in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Well, here we go with a bit of research… It’s simply a question of googling and searching out links. Time consuming, but in the absence of a dedicated website….

European Cycle Touring Rally / AIT Rally (Location changes annually throughout Europe)

Main site for the Semaine Fédérale is http://sf2012.ffct.org/

Main site for the Cykelturistveckan is http://www.cykelturistveckan.se/
Others: http://www.foldsoc.co.uk/bfriday/tand2.html

Can’t find anything akin to the Sem Fed, although there are all kinds of cycling events which take place.

The Netherlands
As Germany really.

This is the events page of the website belonging to the Belgian Federation of Cycle Touring: http://www.cyclo.be/SiteFBC-BBR/FR/Calendrier/PERSOCalendrier.php  Nothing relevant found.

http://fiab-onlus.it/italycyclingholidays/ and follow the links.(eg http://www.fiab-onlus.it/gite/gite2.php for a list of events). Can’t find anything which has the flavour of a Semaine Federale. The following looks vaguely promising: http://www.fiab-onlus.it/staffett/index.htm

CTC Birthday Rides: http://www.cyclingholidays.org/brides/index.php 

Then, of course, there are other cycling rallies: the UK Tandem Club run several each year and then there’s the international one. This moves around between countries.
I hope this helps a bit. I’ll put your question and my answer up on my blog so others can see the results of my research. I’m sure there are other rallies but don’t have the time to search them out. Knowledge of foreign languages would certainly help.

By the way, look out for a couple of CTC Holidays next year which will be taking groups to the Sem Fed and the Sem Euro. Details of next season’s tours should go up on their website in late November.

Good wishes



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