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Hebridean Overtures

Hebrides imageDiscover the remote and stunning landscape of this region from two good cycling websites. https://touringblog.wordpress.com/touring-destinations/united-kingdom/scotland/


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  1. Thanks for the kind mention Mark. I delivered the manuscript for ‘Cycling in the Hebrides’ to my publisher Cicerone about 4 months ahead of our agreed date and the good news is they’re as so pleased with the submission they are extending the page count to 256pp, going for a waterproof encapsulated cover and adding a marker ribbon.

    The bad news is cut backs in government funding is making the future of some of the samller Hebridean ferries a bit precarious – and the Gatliff Trust is having to relinquish the lease on the well-used hostel at Garenin. I’d like to think the Garenin Trust might think about reopening it as a hostel themselves – but who knows they might just convert it into another self catering unit, which will be sad and leave a bit of a gap for hostellers on the west of Lewis.

    Anyone planning to ride the Outer Hebrides in 2012 will be very welcome to check in at our new econ-friendly B&B – http://www.lochedge.co.uk – which will be open by then. But even if you don’t want to stay, we’ve got a garage equipped with a stand, tools and a mix of spares and will be happy to see you.

    31/07/2011 at 9:45 am

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