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Thorns and Prickly Things

Thorn Club TourIt’s extremely sad not to have SJS Cycles advertising in the CTC mag any more. I feel partly responsible because I played a part in the review of the Thorn Club Tour that Chris Juden did on the bike back in summer 2009. I mention this now because my attention has been drawn to the incredible amount of trouble they go to when building a bike to suit a client. You couldn’t be anything but impressed when reading this.  (It’s a great site by the way.) It just occurred to me that, such is the amount of trouble they take, that they are doing themselves a dis-service by offering one of their cycles for review without it being tailor-made to the specification of the reviewer. This is one of the main factors which go into making Thorns such good bikes. Now since the bike is going to be returned to the shop once the review is carried out, it’s easy to understand that a manufacturer might be somewhat reluctant to do a customising job on it since it’s an expensive business. A solution might be to ask a magazine to find a reviewer who would like to buy the bike at a knock down price in return for half a day of the reviewer’s time (for the purpose of having the bike fitted and spec’d) and the bike at the end of it. The fact that CTC was very slightly less than carried away by the Club Tour might be a reflection of it not being a perfect match, rather than it not being a perfect bike. Perhaps the idea isn’t thought through completely but nevertheless, worth a thought, Robin / Andy?


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  1. I am sure that you could find a number of Thorn owners who would happily write reviews for Cycling, including the purchase process, decision making and final product.
    The fact that they have paid fully for their machine will show something about the reputation of the brand.

    26/07/2011 at 12:46 pm

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