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The Via Francigena & Camino Pilgrims’ Routes

Camino Shell Logo Frank Burns, CTC Life Member writes:

As an inveterate long distance cyclist, I have recently completed both the pilgrimage routes from Canterbury to Rome (Via Francigena) last September, and from my home near Huntingdon to Santiago de Compostela (the Camino route) in the last few weeks. I have combined my passion for cycling with the discovery of ancient routes that date from the Middle Ages, and my journeys have resulted in an astonishing celebration of the history, culture, language and people of the areas I have passed through, not to mention the many and varied encounters with fellow pilgrims en route.

Via Francigena LogoI have kept a detailed illustrated blog of my journeys which may be of interest to readers. http://frankburns.wordpress.com

Other web sites, of which there are many include:


The CTC Route Library also has several accounts of Camino trips (document references SP4 a, b, c & d) www.ctc-maps.org.uk

Via Francigena Map

The Via Francigena

Camino Frances Map

Camino Frances Map


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