A journal of new information received at CTC

CTC Plastic Bike Bags & Liverpool Airport

CTC Bike BagCongratulations to Nellieskem who has been doing some useful work tackling the authorities at Liverpool Airport, Easyjet and the baggage handlers, ServisAir, following a typical debacle when check-in staff almost refused to accept her bike for carriage, despite being wrapped in a CTC Bike Bag. After a bit of a struggle she’s managed to get the following statements out of them:
From Easyjet:

” I can confirm that you can travel with polythene cycle bag to cover your bicycle on our flight. “

From ServisAir:

” Polythene bicycle bags have not been accepted in the past as they do not fully protect the bike and aircraft hold from damage. I have contacted EasyJet and they have confirmed that polythene bike bags can be accepted for travel. These bags are becoming more heavy duty and are suitable for travel. This will also be assessed on the day by the check-in agent. If the check-in agent feels that the bag will not protect the bike from damage then she/he may ask you to sign a disclaimer in the event the bike is damaged during transit. ”
Jenny Cain, Service Delivery Manager, LPL (ServisAir)
Tel 07803 013 604


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