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Cakes, Lakes & Caffs

Cyclist on SkiddawSlightly off topic – for which apologies – but this could be seen as an important issue – it certainly is for one member who called CTC recently. He said he was a reluctant member of CTC because, although he approved of most of what we did, he had an issue with his local group – no names mentioned – which on club runs invariably stopped (as many do) at a café for elevenses, a café for lunch and, if it was a long ride, a café for tea. As someone who brought along his children on the ride, he said he simply couldn’t afford to go out riding with them. Lovely though it was to do what CTC members enjoy doing most, all those café stops were proving just too expensive.

One can very easily sympathise with this view and it does make you wonder how many members there are out there not riding with their local group because they use a lot of cafés. It’s all very well saying, well bring your own thermos flask and sandwiches, but if you’re the only one doing this, it’s embarrassing. So here’s an idea: why not promote a ride a month, perhaps, where people are encouraged to bring along their own food and drink, rather than head straight for the caff! It might just bring out a few new group members.

There’s probably a figure of speech for what this particular blog is about, but I can’t think of it: here goes! Here are a couple of very recent discoveries, both involving food and drink stops. The first is a site which lists cafés by county or area. Great idea and may it grow and grow! – at present it’s relatively local to the north west of England. There are lots of local group websites with café lists; maybe someone should amalgamate them so we have one great big database.  http://www.cafe.southlakesgroup.org/index.html

Secondly, go to the ‘links’ page on the site above and you’ll find a blog which to me is as near perfect in terms of subject matter as it’s possible to get. Combine cake with the Lake District, perhaps the most beautiful place on earth, and you’ve got this: http://www.thecakerun.co.uk/

For more photos of the Lakes, take a look here


3 responses

  1. Cost can be an issue if all stops are café stops but so can choice. Our family is vegan and choice is often very limited or non-existent in conventional stops.

    17/06/2011 at 6:54 pm

  2. Thanks for the plug Mark, If anyone wants to add any cafes to Cyclist’s Cafe Guide just e-mail me the details ie address of cafe, cafe phone number, opening hours, a link to cafes website, a photo of the cafe to simeonorme[at]southlakesgroup.org.uk and add them to the website.Most of the cafes on the website have been visited by a Rough-Stuff Fellowship local group in the last 12 month and reason why there link to the ride photos to show that the cafe are use by cyclists.

    18/06/2011 at 11:21 am

  3. Fleur Woolley

    We call it a saddle bag ride ( not very popular) . I think leaders in groups need to be sensative to the needs of all the group. Our wednesday group has a munch from the saddle bag mid morning a cafe for lunch and an optional stop on the way home we often opt for another munch from our saddle bag. This saves time and cash but I do miss the three cafe rides.

    18/06/2011 at 11:56 am

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