A journal of new information received at CTC

European Rail Travel

Night Train ImageIt was good to read two recent postings, one from Lonely Planet, when their latest newsletter dropped into my inbox; the other arrived by chance from AtoB Magazine. Both concern rail travel and both make good reading.

The AtoB website   Add this useful website to your favourites list. Here’s the link to the start page for all their info on continental rail travel:  http://atob.org.uk/bike-cycle-europe-travel-guide-1.html Watch for new pages being added over future months. Incidentally, a lot of this was written by CTC Overseas Touring Correspondents, Neil and Judith Forsyth. You can’t keep good people down!

Lonely Planet’s recent newsletter contained some interesting stuff about long distance night trains. Add a folding bike and you’re away! http://www.lonelyplanet.com/italy/venice/travel-tips-and-articles/18130 It’s possible this article isn’t as young as it looks, since the earliest comment underneath dates back one and a half years! Still it’s all new to me – plus I need regular reminding of things.


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