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Where to Stay when Cycle Touring ~ Friends of Nature Houses

NaturFreundhaus GermanyRecently received at CTC:

Good Afternoon Mark

It would seem mutually beneficial to share information which may be of interest to our members and the public.  I suspect that the 800 plus Friends of Nature Houses across Europe are little known amongst CTC membership and yet have often had cyclists staying at the ones I’ve visited

Some background information :

Friends of Nature are the UK arm of the International Friends of Nature (IFN). Established in 1895 and based in Vienna, we are one of the oldest and largest environmental groups in Europe with some 500,000 members. We have a chain of more than 800 Houses (Hostels) in the rural parts of Europe – aimed largely at the walker, cyclist and country lover.  In the UK we have 7 Houses which are on our web site at www.thefriendsofnature.org.uk  On the European/Global level you can see all the other Houses on the site www.friendsofnaturehouses.net  As an international organisation IFN attempts to encourage green (‘soft’) tourism and promote walking, cycling and pan-european routes where possible.  For an idea of their work go to www.nf-int.org

Kind Regards

Simon Neal – House Manager/FoN National Secretary
Earby Friends of Nature House
13 Birch Hall Lane
Lancs.  BB18 6JX
Tel/Fax: (0)1282 842349
e-mail: earby@thefriendsofnature.org.uk 


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