A journal of new information received at CTC

Tenerife ~ a Climatic Paradise

Mt Tiede, TenerifeFollowing a week spent closer to a swimming pool than anything else – certainly not a bike! – inspiration has encouraged me to check our four information sheets on the Canary Islands (CN1, 2, 3 & 4). Although it’s not possible to check every contact address – there are few internet links – the sheets have been tidied up and there are plenty of itineraries and notes from members to stimulate a desire to go visit – with a bike! The climate is near perfect for cycling at most times of the year, and you can take your choice of a seriously hilly island (Tenerife) or a comparatively flat one (Lanzarote). There is a warning against cycling on Fuertaventura but La Palma looks like another suitable option although direct flights are limited. The other islands are a bit small. www.tenerife-training.net has several links to nice videos of cyclists on Tenerife. A great all-season destination!


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