A journal of new information received at CTC

New / Amended CTC Route Sheets

There’s been a minor spate of activity in this quarter recently. Thanks to all who have posted stuff in to us. Here’s what’s new:

FRINF4 ~ Crossing the river Seine across the Pont de Normandie & Tancarville bridges. This sheet has been heavily revised following new information being provided.

TA1 / TA2 ~ Our original sheet about cycling in Taiwan was getting a bit long in the tooth, but we now have a new one (TA2) which firstly advises where TA1 is out of date, and then goes on to suggest some rides. Not an immediate favourite destination but it would appear to have all the ingredients for some really good cycle touring.

TU1 ~ Following a request for information on cycling in Turkey, this sheet has been updated. A bit like Morocco, Turkey is probably an ideal destination for the cycle tourer who wants to dip his / her toe into a country that’s rather more adventurous that those in western Europe, but which is not totally different (and isn’t too far away).


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