A journal of new information received at CTC

Your blogger returns – with a few snippets!

Cycling in WalesYour un-illustrious scribe apologises for the lack of blogs over the Christmas period. Understandably, things are fairly quiet at the present time, although enquiries about destinations are on the increase, as they usually are in January. Plus the usual never-ending requests for End to End packs continues but with even greater gusto. As usual, one tries to persuade the purchasers to join CTC and get the pack (plus any updates, plus everything else CTC has to offer) for an additional £24.50 – it does make sense – but very often it’s to no avail.


1 ~ If you plan routes online, the BikeHike site has recently been improved to incude an OpenStreetMap view. http://www.bikehike.co.uk/

2 ~ If you live in central Manchester – or want to visit central Manchester – then details of a very pleasant, mainly off-road route is now up on the website, doc ref E93. The route can be downloaded on to a GPS. There’s also a PDF description of the route, which first appeared in Cycle several months ago.

3 ~ If anyone reading this would like to share a good web link or two, or maybe details of a route or a tour they did last year, or even several good photos of a cycle touring nature, then your reward will be an amusing and entertaining cycling song sent as an attachment to your email address. The song is entitled, ‘Remember the Cyclists of Britain’ and it’s by Ronald Frankau and is an absolute classic – guaranteed to send you into paroxyms of joviality. You must send me something worthwhile, and anything that I choose to put up on the blog will of course 

be credited. Send your submissions to mark.waters@ctc.org.uk


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